Buying people time with the Samaritans

We all go through stages of immense grief, when life seems too difficult. As you are reading this, I am sure you can think of one of these time, I certainly can. We know that it is only temporary and that life does get better, the only way is up from these specific moments. But for some people, this doesn't seem possible and they end up doing the only thing which isn't fixable. This was the case for 1,334 people in Q3 2020 (ONS) and in the early hours of the 31st May 2021, my brother. He had so many exciting opportunities ahead of him and even 6 hours before hand was preparing for work the next day and making sure he had enough food in the fridge for the week.

The Samaritans offer a listening ear to 10,000 people a day who are struggling to cope. Whether its day or night, the Samaritans are there for those who need them, to prevent people making the ultimate decision to end their life. They have offices up and down the country and volunteers often go into schools, prisons and out in the community to 'not only be there at the moment of crisis but also to prevent the crisis'.

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