About Us

Watch and Strap Established 2019


About Watch and Strap

Our History:

Watch and Strap was created as a hobby in the beginning of 2019 to satisfy our founders love of horology. Buying and selling high end watches and having a different watch to wear everyday. In 2021, having noticed a gap in the market for high quality, handmade, affordable watch accessories fit for any watch, whether it be a Patek Phillipe or entry level Seiko. Watch and Strap set a new aim, to bring high quality, handmade watch accessories to our customers for affordable prices.

Our Promises:

We only use the highest quality leather:

It is commonly believed that 'genuine leather' means high quality leather but this is actually a myth. Genuine leather is actually an ambiguous term, it is sometimes used to mean 'real leather' however it is also a grade of leather and a low one at that. Genuine leather is usually made from the corium of the hide with an artificial grain printed on top. Unless its a suede product, we only use full grain leather in our straps.
Full grain is the highest quality leather taken from the top part of the grain. This gives the leather a hard wearing quality meaning that our products can be used for years without failure.

Handmade, not machine-made:

All our watch and accessories are handmade, like a Rolls Royce or a Patek Phillipe. This means that not only are our products inspected for quality when they leave the factory and before dispatch but also after every stitch. By the talented crafts people who make them.