Can you get a leather watch strap wet?

Can you get a leather watch strap wet?

Water is part of every day life, we go swimming in water, have a shower with water and doctors tell us we should drink at least 2 litres of water a day. When you wear a watch everyday, it is bound to come in contact with liquids. This raises a question in many watch enthusiasts minds: can you get a leather watch strap wet?

The short answer is: you shouldn't shower with it on but a little bit of water won't hurt. Like your own skins, leather is a porous material and therefore can absorb water. A little bit of rain or brief run under the tap will not harm the watch strap so you shouldn't be worried about day to day use. Full grain leather (the leather used in our watch straps) is very forgiving and so will take a few droplets of water every so often. 

However, if your leather watch band is exposed to a lot of water, consistently then it can have some negative affects. Firstly, it could stain the leather making your watch strap look scruffy a lot quicker. 

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