Finding The Right Sized Watch Strap

Finding The Right Sized Watch Strap

For the watch expert its a simple task, you probably don't even need to check your watch. But for those who aren't sure, it can be a little tricky. Therefore we developed this guide to help you find the perfect size strap for your watch.

Lug Width

On any website which sells watch strap, you will always see 'lug width' as an option. The lug width is the distance between the lugs at the top and bottom of a watch. This is most commonly 20mm, however watches with a 18mm, 22mm and 24mm is also common. You can find out the lug width for your watch by either doing a quick google search or measuring it manually.

The Right Strap For Your Wrist

The first step to finding the perfect size strap for your wrist would be to first measure the circumference of your wrist. The second step gets a little more complicated. You will need to know the usable length of each part of your preferred strap. This should be available on the strap merchants website. The buckle side of all our straps are 75mm, with the usable length of the long side being between 55mm and 95mm. This gives a total combined usable length of 125mm-165mm. However, we haven't finished there...

The final step is to measure the distance between the top and bottom lugs of your watch. This measurement can then be added to the combined length of the watch strap. Ultimately giving you the final figure for the usable length of the strap on your watch to compare to the circumference of your wrist.

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