Horse Leather - Why Its Perfect For Watch Straps

To many, the idea of using any product coming from a horse would be considered to be controversial. Horses are largely treated as pets in Western cultures and so the use of horse based products can leave people feeling a little uneasy. However, there are many benefits of horse leather. In many cultures such as Icelandic, Swiss and Chinese, horse meat is treated as a staple, as we would treat beef or lamb. This article discusses the benefits of horse leather and one of the most famous horse leather tanneries.

The Benefits of Horse Leather

Horse leather has many benefits making it the perfect material for watch straps. Horse leather is incredibly strong much stronger than cow leather. With tear resistant qualities, horse leather will keep your prized timepiece fixed firmly to your wrist. With strength comes durability and the ability for horse leather to look sharp for years to come.

Horse leather is also more water resistant than its bovine counterpart. Making it less susceptible to staining and water based deterioration.

Horween Leather

One of the most famous horse leather tanneries is the Horween Leather Company. The Horween Leather Company was founded in Chicago, 1905. The tannery specialises in leather from the rear quarter of a horse. This leather is very smooth and soft giving an exceptional finish with rich colour.

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