How To Change A Watch Strap Buckle

How To Change A Watch Strap Buckle

You finally find the perfect watch strap but the buckle is not the correct colour. Maybe you have a gold watch but the watch strap you want is only supplied in stainless steel. Or maybe your watch comes with a specific buckle that you would like to transfer over to your new strap. The process of changing the buckle on your watch strap can be daunting. However, by following the steps below, you will be able to swap over the buckle on your watch band in a matter of seconds!

What you will need:

It is advised that you use a spring bar removal tool to replace your watch strap buckle. These can purchased from our eBay store. There are other options such as dental floss however the spring bar removal tool is by far the most reliable option.

Step 1: Removing Your Old Buckle

In order to remove a watch strap buckle you need to slip the forked end of your spring bar removal tool in between you strap and the arm of the buckle until you hit the pin. Gently retract the pin by pushing your tool towards the watch strap. This should allow you to remove the old buckle.

Step 2: Removing The Pin

Once the buckle rim has been removed you should be able to push the spring bar back through the watch strap in order to remove the pin. Once the pin has been removed it is time to put on the new buckle. 

Step 3: Installing The New Buckle

The new buckle can be installed by reversing the steps above. Start by placing the pin in on the strap and pushing the spring bar through the loops in order to keep it in place. Then place one side of the buckle onto the spring bar. You can then compress the other end of the spring bar and push it into the little hole on the arm of the buckle.

Step 4: Enjoy Your New Watch Strap Buckle

Hooray! You have now changed the buckle on your leather watch band. It can seem like a daunting process however hopefully now you know just how easy it is. 

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