Rolex Watch Straps - Your Ultimate Guide Picking the Right Strap For Your Watch

Rolex Watch Straps - Your Ultimate Guide Picking the Right Strap For Your Watch

The best known name in watch making, Rolex has dominated the world of horology for over 100 years. For many, our personal Rolex has become a symbol, a goal, a constant reminder of a special event in our lives. But with Rolex producing 2 million watches a year, in a sea of Rolex owners, how do you make your timepiece extra special? The obvious answer is a beautiful watch strap. But what strap do you need? What colour, style and most importantly, what size?

Watch and Strap specialize in providing hand crafted watch straps for any watch. All our watch straps are made using premium full grain leather and are available at very affordable prices. Below is our guide to Rolex watch bands. Helping you pick the perfect strap for your pride and joy.

Rolex Datejust Watch Straps

Rolex Datejust on a males wrist

One of Rolexes most popular models, the Rolex Datejust comes in a range of different sizes. Therefore, it can be quite tricky to find the perfect size strap. 

Model Lug Width
Datejust 28mm 13mm
Datejust 31mm 16mm
Datejust 36mm 20mm
Datejust 41mm 20mm


Rolex Submariner Watch Straps

 Rolex Submariner

Built for divers, The Rolex Submariner is a staple in any watch collection. Currently all Rolex Submariner models will fit a 20mm watch strap.

Rolex Yachtmaster Watch Strap

Like the Submariner, the Rolex Yachtmaster is built for sea going individuals. But unlike the submariner, Yachtmaster owners tend to remain above the surface. The Rolex Yachtmaster fits a 20mm watch strap.

Rolex Air King Watch Strap

Maybe one of the most overlooked Rolex models, the Air King was first introduced in 1940s. It was discontinued in 2014 but reintroduced in 2016. Originally built with a 19mm lug width, the Rolex Air King was reintroduced with a 20mm lug width.

Rolex Explorer Watch Strap

The 36mm and 39mm explorer I both use a 20mm watch strap. This is also the case for the Rolex explorer II up until the 216570 was released where the lug width was changed to 21mm.

Rolex GMT Master II Watch Strap

The Rolex GMT Master was originally designed in partnership with PanAm airlines for their Pilots and Navigators. Built in the same case as the submariner, the GMT Master II also uses a 20mm watch strap. 

Rolex Sky-Dweller Watch Strap

Rolex most complicated watch, the Sky-Dweller displays the time in two time zones whilst also including an annual calendar. Built with a 21mm lug width.

Rolex Cellini Watch Strap

Rolex least appreciated model, the Cellini has had many iterations throughout the years. The latest version of which, reference 50535 (as shown above) features a 20mm lug width.


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