Collection: The Lisbon: Cut To Size FKM Rubber Straps

 Introducing the Lisbon Collection, our first collection of Cut To Size FKM Rubber watch straps. Water/sweat proof, hypoallergenic and incredibly durable, the perfect strap for a watch lover who is also an adventure addict! Whether you are swimming, climbing a mountain or doing a mental workout in the office, the Lisbon will keep your prized timepiece firmly on your wrist. We only use the highest quality FKM rubber, giving you a comfortable strap which will last a long time!

"Some Of The Best Leather Watch Straps in the UK"

We believe in the details, whether it be in the products we offer or the service we provide to our customers. All leather watch straps are handcrafted by skilled craftspeople using premium full grain leather. Each order is lovingly giftwrapped as standard and shipped globally from the UK. Please feel free to get in contact if you have any questions about our products or an order.